Saturday, August 8, 2009

Are you sick of this award shit stuff yet???

Are you sick of my award crap yet.. I swear ill get back to being my normal jovial posts tomorrow…please don’t stop reading cause you think its jibberish but these awards are so important to everyone…so..

Guess what?? My friend The Redhead Riter
gave me an award.. LOVE LOVE LOVE her.. and not because I have red highlights and always wanted to be a red head. The first..


*The rules:
List five current obsessions and pass the award on to five more fabulous blogs:

* Of course my family
* My blog
* Watching the housewives of Atlanta.. (NJ is my fav)
* Dieting
* Hanging out with my sisters

My list of bloggie friends is below, so visit their blogs and share a little comment encouragement...

Theta Mom
Thanks Mail Carrier
A Duck With a Wheel and a String
A Little Dirt Never Hurt


Theta Mom said...

You are the award queen! LOL Thanks so much! I still have to get your other one up...I certainly will...give me a couple of days. I can't believe you still can't get on some blogs b/c of google! I thought the problem was fixed. I had a meltdown yesterday when I couldn't access my blog!

Tami said...

Yes you are the award QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN! LOL


Samantha Gianulis said...

Your post title made me giggle. Funniest one I've seen in a looong time.

Amy said...

Look at you go. I have your award you gave me up today. Have a great weekend.

blueviolet said...

Congrats! Stop being so fabulous and you won't get anymore. :)

You're much better about getting them posted than I am, lol

Lin said...

Thanks--I think. Awards are such a mixed blessing, aren't they?? Nice to receive, but a pain in the hiney to have to deal with later. Ugh. I'll do my best to post...just because it came from you. :)

Kristen Andrews said...

it is hard being a celebrity isn't it, congrats on your award!

mannequin said...

ha ha ha. I put up a "No Awards" disclaimer for awhile and scared everyone off. Those damn awards are like chain mail except people's feelings get hurt.

Mysteriously, I've not received any awards lately other than anti-social ones.

Brandy said...

yay you!!!!

Brandy said...

yay you!!!!

Xenia said...

Sorry it took me so long to get back here and thank you! You're awesome for passing this on to me!

You left me two separate comments to come to your blog to pick up an award, was there another one I was supposed to see?

Thanks again!

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