Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kids and Kayaking..AHHH!!!!

Kids and Kayaking
I know it’s suppose to be wordless Wednesday but I feel like I have so much to talk about.. especially since we are still on vacation.. First of all let me tell you that I have had all of my kids sleeping through the night.. I can’t believe it. The sun is kicking their butts and I am for the first time in years watching T.V. after 8 o clock without hearing .. “MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY.” As you know we are staying with Brother and Sister in Law (Chelle) and our good friends Joanne and Bobby and their kids. Joanne and Chelle are my partners in crime

I am not a wussy mom !!! Let me rephrase that I am not a mom that is scared to let their kids do things but I’ll admit.. I was damn scared when my husband and brother in law decided to take the kids kayaking in THE OCEAN!!! That’s right.. AN OCEAN!! First know that I am a prissy girl.. I do have boys but I hate bugs, hate outdoorsy stuff and hate Oceans filled with sharks.. And my ass of adventurous husband had to talk me into letting him take my kids out.. Doesn’t he know I just watched “Shark Week” on the Discovery channel and of course I caught the whole half hour about sharks off the coast of Virginia Beach. AHH!! (Followed by 5 minutes of cursing in Italian)
Thank God Chelle and Joanne talk me down. (Okay sat on me…)

Me: Can you believe he wants to take the kids out kayaking?
Chelle: They’ll be fine.. have some wine and enjoy just having one of the three kids for an hour.
Jo: They’ll be fine as long as they don’t have open wounds..lololol!!
Me: AHHHH!!!!!
Chelle: I’ll go watch them from the shore
Me: What the hell are you gonna do run out and save them like Pamela Anderosn on Baywatch?/
Chelle: No I’m going to make sure they’re all right.
Jo: Relax…
So finally Chelle agrees to go on beach and watch. This makes me feel so much better.. But really think about it.. Why the HELL would this make me feel better… ??????????? My sister in law is 4’11 and weighs 90 pounds soaking wet.. how the hell would she save two kids from a shark attack when my husband capsizes the kayak????…. My poor babies covered in bug bites with little sun kissed noses will be tossed into a shark feeding frenzy…But hindsight’s 20/20…

An hour later….
Me: I’m calling the coast guard. where are they???
Jo: Go to the beach and see if you can see them..

Kids: We had so much fun!!!!(Laughing)

Four hours later after showers and baths..
My Four year old Tommy: Mommy, do you know Daddy and I flipped over when we boated?
Me: Tommy don’t tell Mommy stories.
Tommy; No,it’s twue…but I popped right up..
Me: (Yelling) Bill you (a whole lot of Italian curses)!!! Did you flip my kids over in the kayak.??
Bill: Yeah but.. it was as we were coming back to shore.. What was that last name you called me?/ It sounded real bad!!! (He’s English)

I swear I hugged those boys so tight and I vowed not to watch Discovery channel and SHARK WEEK AGAIN !!!

Special love to Chelle and Jo who are the best vacay partners ever…


Brandy said...

oh wow. shark week is bad news

Sheila said...

OH MY! I AM an outdoorsy girl and that would've made me a little nervous too!

Tami said...

I live an hour from the beach (with traffic) and WE NEVER GO. and if we do go...
Caleb ISN'T ALLOWED TO ENTER! feet only. I've put the fear of God...errr.. Sharks into him LOL

We are so much alike it's killin me I'm laughing so hard!

Eva Gallant said...

With all that testosterone in the house, you'd better get used to it. My boys would dive into out pool from the top of the slide if I wasn't watching every second; the rode atv.s and jumped over things with them; their high school graduation gift from their dad,(my ex) was a week long white water rafting trip down the Colorado River; they rode motorcycles (until one was hit by a car, was thrown through the air and amazingly had only a broken wrist as a serious injury--a cracked helmet and a totalled mortorcycle); they ski the expert trails; they've gone sky-diving, and one of them bunjie jumped! Is it any wonder I have gray hair??? Good luck, girl!

Shuppon said...

Natalie- Your recount of the adventure is hilarious! I wish that everyone reading this could have seen you pacing back and forth the whole time! Not to mention the expression on your face for the entire hour they were gone - You looked like Baby Will when he is pooping his diaper.

Can't wait for the next adventure...

Theta Mom said...

Shark week...scary! I am so not an outdoor girl, so I would have been shaking in my boots!

Amy said...

Sounds like they had a great time. I would I been the same way.

Annette Piper said...

I agree, sometimes its best not to know.... my husband takes my children flying and they REQUEST aerobatic manouvres and then they TELL ME about it when they get home - like, do I NEED to know this?????

Foursons said...

On our trip to SC a shark swam between my kids as they were playing in the water. FREAKED ME OUT!

Teacher Tom said...

This is EXACTLY why kids need dads! =)

Although it is interesting that your reaction your kids being out on the ocean is strikingly similar to how I've been acting while my 12-year-old is babysitting. I'm never more than 5 minutes away from where she's sitting and I really can't do anything else until she's done.

Lisa said...

Lesson learned. Don't watch shark week right before a beach vacation! lol

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

At least your sil went just in case...although I don't think she would've been able to pry open the shark's mouth.

So glad that the boys had fun and came back safe from the shark's jaws.

blueviolet said...

LOL, that's pretty hilarious how scared you got but I'd be doing the same thing in your place.

I'm glad you weren't out there watching because you would have really gone crazy if you'd SEEN them tip over.

It does sound fun though! (not the tipping, but the kayaking)

~~Mel~~ said...

I want to know how to curse in Italian! My boyfriend would love me even more then (he's half Italian) lol.

Kudos to you for being brave and letting the boys go on an adventure with their dad. I don't know that I could have been as brave.

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Oh, we took our kids canoeing last year and my son freaked out the entire time. He was so scared of flipping over. And we did once but he was in another canoe thankfully!

fun times, though!

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