Thursday, August 6, 2009

My oldest is different.

I love my sons so much my heart hurts. Each one is is such an individual.I always look at my boys and wonder how these boys who are complete opposites can come from the same place.. .. My husband bought a fish tank and my oldest Christopher was reciting the large latin like names of each fish.. as my second son Tommy ran by with a bucket on his head grunting.."FIIISSHHH" I laugh to myself because my Christopher is such a straight laced kid,,Tommy is my free spirit..and Will,well it’s too early to call but I think hes going to be my tough guy.. poor thing could wrestle before he could walk..(the curse of being the youngest) My oldest Christopher is quite a character.. my mom calls him an old soul… I call him draining hysterical.. Since he was little Christopher has been a little pain in the ass adult.. He sometimes treats me like he’s the parent.. and I want to poke my damn self in the eye find it a bit humerous…it a before I start telling you about today’s story just know that this kid is like an alien from another planet so gifted. He cleans his room daily, ensures that we have dinner at 5 on the dot, goes around shutting off lights I have left on etc… you get the idea….
I am packing for the whole family to go to Six Flags.. (Now c’mon Mommas you know you have to somehow fit everything you own from extra socks to emergency gummybears in two very large bags for an 8 hour adventure..UGH!!!!! )….this is the conversation…..

Me: Christoper..I am tired of packing..Let’s go get something to eat.
C: Dad says were on a budget so maybe we shouldn’t
Me: Let’s just go through the drive thru..Your brothers love nuggets and fries..I would love a shake
C: Aren’t you on a diet?
Me: Why are you such a party pooper.
C: Why don’t you listen to Daddy?
Me: Normal 6 year olds love going to McDonalds or Sonics
After a long hard stare,,,,,C: I’ll go ,….but you need to tell Dad.
I just rolled my eyes…LOL!!!

At Six flags we had a great time even though it was 110 degrees in the shade and for some reason I had some kind of swamp ass thing going on.. sweat was pouring down my back into my shorts..Tommy my nephew and niece fearlessly ran up to every ride.. Christopher would walk up slowly with his hands in his pockets..rub his chin.. and say.. “I’ll sit this one out..” I know he is a pain in the ass a smart boy who I am tryingnot to kill understand . How do I do this?? WINE ?,VODKA? I just keep telling dear hubby Bill that Christopher takes after his side of the family.. It just makes me feel soo much better..

You can’t make this stuff up!!!!!LOL


Momma Such said...

We have one like this too! I actually took our oldest to a therapist last year and had him tested and so forth b/c he is just to smart for his own good. There are good and bad that come with it, but it's never bad to be smart! It's funny the things they come up with sometimes and the way they can reason with you.

Oh, and thanks for the award! I'll post it in a bit! :)

Brandy said...

That's so funny. He's such a responsible little fella. hopefully he never rebels hardcore.

Sheila said...

Just found your blog, through Brandy! This is HILARIOUS!!! I have 3 boys, as well and NONE of them are like that! :( So sad!!! Maybe my 3 year old will turn out that way!!

Tami said...

LOL, how cute, I wish I had one like that, mine are just scrapers. They fight like cats and dogs. The middle one is my tough one, the baby is well the baby and my oldest is the jokster!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Stopping by via MBC to say HI and to follow!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

LOLOL@ a bucket yelling FIIIISH thats tooo funny and I so know what you mean :) its the perfect example really

~*Kiana*~ said...

that is too funny....long hard stare.....this is priceless!!

Alexandra said...

Hahhahaha. It is amazing how two siblings can be so different!

Lisa Anne said...


He sounds like my son with all the come back comments!!

My son would say things like, when we were at the grocery store:

"I thought we had no money, why is all this stuff in the cart?"

OMG he'd say it so loud, I'd get so embarrassed.

ModernMom said...

Just found your blog through Theta Mom and Tami. I loved loved this story:)

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Awww, C sounds like my oldest daughter. She was wise beyond years. He's like having a conscience whispering, "You don't need that chocolate candy bar, honest, you don't." LOL

You are so blessed to have 4 boys!! They sound like great kids!

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