Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pot Pie and makeovers

POT PIE, Mama!!!” “POT PIE MAMA….PWEESE!!!!”..My kid has an addiction to pot pies.. Those frozen fattening delicious little meals have now become the soul train of thought in my two year olds head. This mornings coversation….
.ME: Will,how old are you??
Will: Pot Pie??
ME: Say TWO!(I hold up my fingers)
Will:Two pot pie!!!
ME: No pot pie Will…give Mommy a kiss
Will..NO !!POT Pie Baby!!!!
My husband in the backround: Give the kid a damn pot pie for the love of God !!!!
Will: Dadda..Pot Pie????
Me: No William…you just ate breakfast.. do you want a banana….???
My sister who is in the other room..”Oh for the love of Jesus..Either tell the kid to build a bridge and get over it ..or give him a pot pie….!!!!”
So Will ate a pot pie for breakfast #2..and the coversation continued at lunch.. I stuck to my guns and eventually ate something else while in between bites whimpering…… “ No POT PIE”!!!
I’ll admit.. I blame my sister Beth for this ordeal.. She herself is addicted to frozen entrees and introduced my son to these while watching them for two days about a month ago.. Do they have rehab for pot pie addicts???

I’d like to thank Tara…for my blog makeover….She is the best..Everything I wanted and more….visit her blog….she is the coolest around

Me: Don’t you love my blog????….
My husband.. damn that’s very pink blog
Me: oh for the love of God.. I love pink.. I love pink I Love Pink!!! I am a girl!!! Please I live in boy haven can I have something girlie-like…
My husband: Okay I love it I was just sayin……LOL!!!


Momma Such said...

Your blog looks great! And I love the pink too! :)

supah ~d said...

I am LURVIN it!! We are so professional with our bad cool lookin blog selves!

(knuckle bump)



supah ~d said...

Oh yes. ANd pink " is your signatchu culah"

BACK OFF blue boys.


Nancy said...

If you have a Boston Market near you...try their Chicken Pot Pie...really good!

And your blog is lovely!

Tami said...

LOL, My son is addicted to frozen burritos! a sin to my mother in law who is Latino! When she sees him eating them she goes off in a rant in spanish.


supah ~d said...

I mentioned you in my award acceptance speech .:) Come visit.

and how psycho am i with 3 comments...


Theta Mom said...

LOVING the new look! I'm a pinkie girl myself! It's looks great! Yay!

Amy said...

Your blog looks wonderful. I love all of the pink and I want a pot pie...

Baking Momma said...

Your blog looks great! The story had me rolling. Sad to say we have never had a pot pie in our home. I have nightmares of them making them for school lunch when I was a child and I never ate them then. But my sons obsession would be french toast. He could eat it everyday all day. lol

Mamatoosi said...

That's funny. Pot pies. Haha. At least your kid likes to eat something! ;)

Foursons said...

This cracks me up.

Thanks for visiting me & commenting!

Mamatoosi said...

So your post inspired me to make a pot pie tonight. :) Waiting for it to cool a little before we dig in. I thought I'd share the recipe in case you wanted to make one for the family and one for your little guy. LOL.

Bethany said...

hello blamey....

when you are pointing that finger at me, where are the rest pointing, huh?(just saying)

YOur blog looks pretty Blamey Blamerson:)

Bethany said...

Oooh BTW ~ Mamatoosie that Pot Pie looks gooooooood!

Anonymous said...

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