Sunday, August 16, 2009

Things that amaze me…on the beach..Vacation Edition

That my two year old has eaten more sand then I thought humanly possible.His poop will be like cement tomorrow

That I have had more exercise sitting on the beach then I ever thought possible..(sit in chair..get up kid needs something) (sit in chair..get up kid needs something) At this rate I will be Kate Moss by Friday.

That my husband can’t see my two boys beating the crap out of each other with plastic shovels two feet away from him but he notices the exact color of the jet skis some guy’s riding four miles out in the water.

That sure enough once you trek to the beach with a million things and finally put your stuff down one of the kids yells// I gotta poop!!!!!

That stretch marks and varicose veins do look better tanned.

That I must have been delusional when I brought a novel from Oprah’s Book Club that I’ve been dying to read..YEAH RIGHT!!!! (I haven’t got passed the first page)

That I better enjoy it now… because vacation goes by in the blink of an eye!!!!!

Okay guys get ready for some GUEST STARS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!


Gera said...

So glad that Mema & Poppy don't have to change the cement poop. Do give them our love. We miss you all. said...

I have about 5 "I'm going to read it on the beach" books here. I've read about 4.85 of them. :)

blueviolet said...

Dads have selective attention disorder, don't they? You're right about the suntan covering a myriad of imperfections. Gotta love that!

Have fun and try to get to at least page 10.

Missin' ya but I hope you have a great time!

Tami said...

LOL, daddies NEVER see anything the kids are doing.. that's why we're the mommies. Poor little darlings would be heathens if daddy had them full time. LOL. I KNOW MINE WOULD HAVE BEEN.

The Hall Family said...

Ha Ha! I agree with EVERYTHING you say. My vacations are the same way. Luckily we don't remember that stuff when we look at the pictures or we would never try it again! I'm following you from MBC!

Eva Gallant said...

Believe it or not, those days will pass in the blink of an eye! Before you know it the kids are grown and gone and you miss them, but there is that heavenly bliss of actually being able to read a book, sit and relax,etd. undisturbed except by those wonderful words, "Honey, can you get me a beer?"

Lisa said...

Your revelations made me chuckle out loud! Don't you just love taking the kids to the beach?! I'm being serious...I can't wait!

Have fun!
Lisa @
All That and a Box of Rocks

Merry said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for following me.

MommyBrain said...

The beach sounds like a blast! Good luck with the concrete poop - that should be interesting :)

Cracks me up that brought along a book to read - you've been doing this long enough to know better :)

PropellerHeadMom said...

Your boys sound a lot like my boys :-) Have fun on your vacation!

LazyCrazyMama said...

LOL!! So a day at the beach isn't quite a day at the beach for a mommy ;) I wouldn't even pretend to bring a book if I was headed to the beach... it is amazing what daddies miss right in front of their faces!
Thanks for your visit :)

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