Monday, May 10, 2010

What the heck is your name??????

My sister and I are bad with remembering people’s names.  (Really BAD!!)
Since my sister Beth has been pregnant, I have been going with her to get pedicures..( a little pampering makes her feel like a million dollars. )  My pedicurist wears a name tag..  My sisters guy doesn’t. The same guy does her feet every time we go.  He introduced himself once.. and I even asked his name the second time.. Now it’s too late in their ..  “relationship” to ask again.. She has been addressing him as ..Hon, Sweety and Dear..  as he paints her toes and scrubs the dead skin off her heals ..considering when we walk in he always waves and yells "Hello Bef!!! " (He barely speaks English but tries really hard and his TH sounds like an eff).  This little Vietnamese man has become an integral part of our life lately.  We play a constant game of trying to recall his name.. We will be in the middle of something..  anywhere and we will yell out a name that perhaps can belong to this little man.

 In the middle of dinner with our family the other night and I yelled out a name I think I recalled as her pedicurist.. 

Me:  ‘Bob?
Beth: No it’s longer
 Me: Bobby?!
: No its not so boyish
 Me: Robert?

My other sister Christie: Really you guys?? The manicurist again???  This is going on 3 weeks.. I’m gonna run in and ask him… or why don’t you just ask another manicurist..(It was like a light bulb went off)

Beth and I glance at each other with raised eyebrows…

Well this brings me to my husband.. I have noticed lately .. he’s an over namer. yes he finds out someones name and will use it TOO Much.

 Example 1.  We go to a restaurant a guy named Kyle is our server.

Hubby: Kyle can we have more napkins? 
This is a great steak Kyle!
Kyle can I have another rootbeer.?

Example 2.
  We have a neighbor who lives two houses down.  I don’t really know her that well I just wave at her.. My hubby on the other hand strikes up a 20 minute convo using her name and the name of her four kids, husband and mother-in- law like four times
Hubby: " Hey Michelle! How’s John?/   yada yada "  she leaves   and I continue to wave and smile.

Me: How do you know her?
Hubby:  Uh..she’s our neighbor
 Me: How do you remember her name and stuff.

 Hubby:Remember we ran into them at the baseball games last year/

 Me: You remember all that from last year?
 Hubby: Yeah.. don’t you?/

 Personally it weirds me out a little bit…

Mike??no  Larry?? No!  Oh well


Jingle said...

I am bad at remembering people's names as well, i used to have students getting upset, I mean when I teach two classes with each class 50 students, it tires me out to remember everyone's name...I take roll, it wastes half of the class time...

I enjoy your humor, honesty, and fun side on this post.

Be confident,

Kmama said...

LOL You're so right about it being too far into the relationship to ask again. LOL I do the same thing. But, I'm actually not so bad at names.

~Sandy~ said...

It sounds like a case of "Mommy Brain"...I've got it ((hugs))

blueviolet said...

You are such a crack-up! My sister and I tend to give people names that we feel fit them and we don't even care if it's right or not. We'll use those names for years!

Brian Miller said...

ha. i usually try to realte the name to something...i guess i am one of those...i name

Lindsey said...

It sounds like Hubby needs a pedicure too... he'll get you all fixed up:-)

Debbie's L'Bri said...

I am bad at remembering names too. My husband remembers like yours.
I have gotten to asking people to spell their names as I right it down and then I look at it a couple of times a day until I remember it.
Maybe that would help you and your sister remember the names they you need to know on a regular basis.

Thanks for following my blog. What would you like to learn about L'Bri?

Eva Gallant said...

I'm not very good with names, either! (Which was not a good trait when I was working--in sales!)

Lin said...

Some people remember names by using them right off the bat like your husband. "Nice to meet you, Stan. Stan, would you like a drink?" etc. Not me. As soon as someone says their name, I forget it. But I feel okay because I know they have forgotten mine too.

otin said...

This is funny! I was telling BV one day that I don't remember my next door neighbor's name! I have been saying hello to him for 5 years and do not have a clue what it is! LOL!

KK said...

I'm horrible and avoid calling someone by there name at all costs.

The Mayor! said...

Holy crap, I'm TERRIBLE!! Completely oblivious to the "little" details, & always stickin' my foot in it!! I blame my kids....cause otherwise I'm just frikkin' senile!! :-D

gaelikaa said...

Oh, yes, Nats, I relate. I don't worry about asking the name, though, just ask away, giggle say, hey I'm so forgetful you just can't believe it!

Kelly L said...

Funny - my husband does the EXACT same thing - he is in sales and I think that is why he does it... I so suck at remembering names... I have a little cheat sheet in my drawer of neighbor names... crazy since I have lived here since 1992... lol

Love to you from your newest stalker.
I've Become My Mother

Midnite Skys said...

I totally forget names too many times. I mess up the names of the girls boyfriends like crazy. However Teck I never did I mess up his name and called him by the right name every-time. My daughter said that is how she knew he was the right guy for her... (teasing me! that and the dog never barked at him when he came over ,, and the dog barks at everyone! And runs from everyone..) Funnest was the guy I kept calling Train, still don't remember his real name....

Mr. Stupid said...

HAHA. I am bad with names too. Wow. He remembers them from last year? I often forget our Postman's name. He been around for let's say, 5 years... LOL

Jingle said...

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